Answering questions

In the meeting

  • Wherever possible, we will give a clear answer to questions during the meeting.
  • All verbal responses will be easy to understand and jargon-free.
  • The independent Co-opted members and Healthwatch representative will challenge any responses that are not clear.
  • If we run out of time, we will agree with you how you would like your question to be answered.

After the meeting

  • We will provide written responses within 10 working days and will publish public questions and responses on the website here.
  • We will ask you if you are happy that the response answered your question.
  • We will give all questioners contact information for the relevant area of work, or organisation to enable them to continue discussion on the issue, including opportunities to get involved with the Partnership.
  • We will add all written responses to the papers for the next Board meeting as an ‘item for information’.

What we ask of you

Please note that Partnership Boards are business meetings which, for transparency, we hold in public.  They are not ‘Public meetings’ for consulting with the public – we do this in a variety of different ways.  You can find out more about how we engage with people here.

We believe Partnership Board meetings will be more successful if everyone is courteous and respects each other. To enable us to carry out our business effectively, we ask that you please follow these simple guidelines:

  • Please only ask a question or make a statement about an item on the agenda.
  • Please be brief so that as many people as possible can have their say.
  • Please recognise that we can only answer questions during the meeting if time permits.

We will acknowledge and minute any questions that do not relate to the business of the meeting, but will not be respond verbally in the meeting, and may redirect the question for a response. We will publish any response on our website.